The Best Foundation For Large Pores – And Other Tips To Reduce Oily Skin

Do you have large pores? Many women do and the cause is usually due to oily skin, age, and sex. While you might be unable to stop the aging process, you can have more sex and combat your oily skin! To ensure that oily skin doesn’t cause you irritation and breakouts, there are a few things that you need to do to combat your large pores.

Wash the Face

best foundation for large pores

Despite your oily skin, washing the face twice per day is imperative. But, don’t do it with regular soap and water. Instead look for a cleaners that is designed to treat oily skin. These products do not contain any oil-based ingredients, lessening the risk of large pores increasing.


The makeup that you wear can clog the pores, causing them to increase in size and worsening the risk of acne development. It is important that you choose the best foundation for large pores first and foremost because this makeup is one of the most common pore-clogging of them all. You can find many foundations for large pores, but don’t purchase the first that comes along. Instead take the time to find the best foundation for large pores and get what your skin deserves.

Hands Off

Are you touching your face? If you are, the transfer of dirt is taking place more often that it should. This can cause increased sebum production, thus clogging the pores and causing them to become large. Keep your hands away from your face (and your skin) and this is one less thing that you have to worry about.

Treatment Options

In addition to the tips above, some women decide to use cosmetic procedures to help reduce their pores and improve their oily skin. Microdermabrasion is one of the many techniques offered for treatment.