Her Love Quotes for Him are Appreciated

I often went out of my way to do nice things for the last woman I dated.  I am not a rich man, and so I found that I could show my appreciation for her best by sending her flowers randomly and writing her love letters and poems.  Unfortunately, while she certainly appreciated me taking these efforts, she did not reciprocate at all.  I think the main problem is that men are often expected to not be romantic at all, and so she did not actually believe that I would truly appreciate it if she were to do this sort of thing for me.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

love quotes for him

    The woman I am dating now, however, has a much different outlook about this sort of thing.  She is certainly not a writer by trade, but she sends me nice messages regularly, and she has told me that she typically finds them by going on the internet and searching for love quotes for him.  She was reluctant to tell me exactly where she was getting these quotes from at first, as it might take some meaning away from them if she did not come up with them herself, but I explained that the simple fact that she goes out of her way in order to send these things to me is greatly appreciated.

    And while the fact that these quotes are not completely original does mean that she did not think them up herself, she still scrolls through all of the quotes that she finds in order to send me something that she believes applies either to me or to our relationship.  I am greatly appreciative of her doing this, and I truly believe that most men would appreciate it as well.